What’s Better? A Tent or a Campervan?


Camping enthusiasts always argue over forms of shelter. Some people like tents better, while others prefer campervans. If you’re going camping soon, you have an important to decision to make. There are arguments on each side, and you’re going to need to decide which you’d like to use to ensure you have a great time on your next camping trip.


Because everyone is different, you might see different benefits in each form of shelter. However, there are some benefits that you’ll appreciate as universally important to your safety, comfort, and enjoyment during any camping trip.

Tour with Campervan
Tour with Campervan


For many people, facing the harsh weather during any camping trip is a big deciding factor when choosing between a tent or a campervan. Tents can be nice for summer, but during winter camping, many people feel like the walls of a tent are just too thin to keep them warm, especially at night.

For campervans, this is not necessarily a problem. Campervans have thicker walls, heaters, and generally better insulation for you at night. If you need something a little warmer during winter time, your best option when it comes to facing the weather might be a campervan.

Ease of Use

When it comes to ease of use, certain tents can be relatively easy to set up. However, many tents can be difficult to set up because of complex patterns and different sizes of poles and tethers, not to mention the stakes and tarp required to keep the tent in place. While many people don’t mind doing this, others prefer a simpler approach.

In this instance, the simplest approach in terms of setting up the shelter each night is to use the campervan. The top opens up to become sleeping quarters, which can be extremely convenient as well as warmer, more comfortable, and in some instances, more spacious.

Campervan for Rental
Campervan for Rental

Cost Effectiveness

Many people like buying tents because it’s a one-time purchase. They find that it’s easier for them to spend more money once and simply get it over with. However, some tents, especially fancier ones, can be really expensive. In some cases, it can be less expensive to hire a campervan instead.

Some people, if they don’t camp very much, have realised that it is actually much more affordable to do campervan rent instead of purchasing a tent. This is because they won’t use the tent enough to get a solid return on their investment, and they might not even be sure if they love camping. If you’re on the fence about camping, it might be wiser to spend less money on something that’s arguably more enjoyable, rather than spend more money on something that’s less practical.

If you’re interested in renting a campervan, you should look for an excellent company that provides customers with several different options to choose from, such as size, fuel efficiency, and options for bedding and storage space. If you need help picking a model, ask the company you choose for a recommendation based on your needs.