Travel Tips to Save Money on Your Next Adventure


Ready to take a trip but worried about overspending? Don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to make sure that your travels are restful and fun without leaving you in the red with debt. The real trip to saving money with travel is planning in advance and being smart about your money decisions. Want to know what it really takes to save money while travelling? Read on.

Find the Free Stuff

There’s no better way to save money on your trip than cutting unnecessary spending wherever you can. What’s more, nothing really beats free. Finding places that don’t come with a high price of admission is a helpful personal finance tip that can take you far when you’re on vacation. You don’t have to wrack your brains thinking of the best ways to cut down on spending since you can find all sorts of helpful travel budgeting tips on the GoDay Blog along with other general personal finance tips.

Also, if you’re going to make a museum or art gallery a part of your trip, make sure that you budget for time accordingly — if you’re paying the price of admission, it’s best to take full advantage of what that includes. Don’t rush through attractions since it will only leave you feeling like you didn’t get enough done and didn’t enjoy any of it. It’s best to take your time and prioritize your time according to what you find most interesting.

Embrace Public Transit

Sure, traveling can be disorienting and you might be scared to try a new city’s transit system, but that’s really all part of the fun of seeing a new place! If you’re visiting a place with good city infrastructure or a reliable transit system, you’d be amiss to avoid saving money by taking public transit.

Taking a little time to learn the routes and pricing of certain transit systems can save you plenty of time and money in comparison to renting a car and paying for gas and parking. What’s more, taking a little bit of time on public transit gives you the chance to get to know the city you’re visiting and connect with the locals.

Buy Your Tickets on a “Good” Day

Have you ever heard that there are certain days where it makes the most sense to purchase an airline ticket? While there really is no secret recipe to finding airfare or travel for nearly free, you can have some success by booking early in the week, which is when airlines often adjust their fares.

The real answer is that the perfect day to find the perfect price can’t always be predicted. When you’re in the early stages of planning your vacation, follow your favourite airlines on social media and sign up for e-mail blasts from travel companies so you can be in the loop for all the best deals as soon as they crop up.

Be Smart About Accommodation

Those who are experienced in the art of traveling on a budget know how much money can be saved with well-priced accommodations. Gorgeous hotel suites can sure look nice, but there’s so much more to finding the best place to stay while traveling than a good hotel buffet. Make sure that wherever you stay doesn’t come with an extra-long commute to wherever you plan on spending your days.