Some of the Greatest Culture Shocks which Americans May Get on a Visit to Paris


If you’re a first time visitor, this article is not meant to ruin your first experience but if you’re an American who is going to visit France for the first time, you should prepare yourself for some culture shocks. There is a wide difference between the culture of Paris and America and this is the reason why most Americans are taken by shock when they visit this City of Lights and Love. There are some stereotypical images of Paris but it is not always that as there’s probably more to it. While there are times when Paris seems to be just like the stereotypes, there are other times as well when Paris is entirely different and unbelievable. Here are some culture disparities that you may expect.

Tour in Paris
Tour in Paris
  • Customer care service will seem to be an adventure that you have to explore

Don’t think that the waiter in the restaurant will tell you his name with a big smile on his face and he will also add that he is going to take care of you for the next few hours. No, that is a bit too much to expect from the French. The waiters in France don’t work for tips and a few of them might be in charge of a number of tables. They won’t ask you every three minutes whether or not you’re doing okay. Don’t expect that from them.

  • They create a big issue out of Poop

Paris has indeed got a huge reputation for dog poop and though this isn’t a good reputation but they have earned it after many years of practice. There are dog poops on the sidewalks everywhere and you will also find a street in Paris which is given the name Poop Lane as it turns out to be a true disaster for people who enter the place for walking. So, whenever you walk those extra kilometres in Paris, make sure your head is down and your eyes are kept open.

Paris Food
Paris Food
  • There’s no culture of eating or grazing in between meals like Americans

There is an unwritten law of the land which dictates that people can’t eat between meals and you can’t even pick at snacks or other food when you’re already close to your actual meal timings. The French people don’t get themselves a bar just to munch it away at the parking lot. Another thing you’ll hardly see is that tourists won’t ever drink a big-sized soda glass anywhere in France.

  • Don’t fret about getting injured or sick while in France

When Americans visit France, they can hardly believe their medical system. Although it costs the taxpayers a hell lot of money but when you need a doctor, you just require doing a general appointment and pay very little amount for the checkup. You won’t require being included in the doctor’s network or even wait for weeks.

Therefore, if you’re off to Paris guided tours, make sure you prepare yourself for the culture shocks given above. The more you’re prepared, the better you can deal with the vacation in Paris.