Mother’s Day Gifts for the Intrepid Woman


No two moms are the same, so why are Mother’s Day gifts usually so predictable? While there’s nothing wrong with some lovely flowers, perfume, or other traditional Mother’s Day fare, there’s always room to look a little deeper at what mom really wants or needs. With so many different hobbies that are unique to every mom out there, use this year as the chance to get something that truly speaks to her interests.

Thermal Gear

Spring is around the corner but the weather around this time of year is known to be unpredictable at best. Important gear like heat containing thermal socks are always a much-appreciated addition to anyone’s arsenal of camping or hiking gear.

Choose women’s thin thermal socks that are lightweight and more appropriate for warmer weather. Instead of long socks or crew-length socks, opt for thermal ankle socks for mom. If you’re not sure where to find the best in thermal socks, just click this link for warm and comfortable socks you will love so much that you’ll want to get a pair for yourself, too.

Inspiring On-Theme Books

You can go two routes with this gift option by choosing either an on-topic fiction book or something non-fiction like a trail guide book. Perhaps your mama has been talking about getting out to do a certain hike, so a trail guide book will be a valuable tool in her planning. It can also be a bonding tool if you’d like to join her on the hike!

For fiction books that an outdoorsy mom might love, choose titles that speak to the adventurous spirit. There’s a popular book by Cheryl Strayed called Wild that was made into a movie, or maybe your mom would appreciate something else like The Emerald Mile by Kevin Fedarko.

Park Pass

This is a true gift that keeps on giving. Depending on where you live, you can likely find a nearby conservation area that’s a real treat to visit but comes with an entrance fee. A park pass will mean that your mom can go as many times as she likes to enjoy an outdoor space she might otherwise hesitate to visit.

New Hiking Gear

Maybe it’s time to upgrade your mom’s worn-out hiking poles or replace a leaky water bottle. You can also use the occasion to find some hiking gear that is just a little bit nicer than something she would have gotten herself.

Not sure exactly what she needs? A gift certificate to an outdoor specialty shop will let her choose exactly what it is that she’s looking for (and maybe something she didn’t even think she needed).

Show Your Outdoorsy Mom How Much You Care

Maybe you grew up going on hikes every weekend with a mom that you could barely keep up with. Maybe you have a mother figure in your life who is trying to get outside more. Outdoorsy moms are adventurous and fun, so you’ll want to get them gifts that allow them to pursue their hobbies and even try new things along the way.