How To Choose A Halal Food Delivery Service In Singapore


One of the best innovations in the food industry is the delivery services offered by almost all of the Hong Kong restaurants here in Singapore. You no longer have to endure traffic and tire yourself just to be able to find a decent place and food to eat. Instead, you can have your favorite dishes delivered to your doorstep in the comforts of your home or your workplace. You no longer have to waste half of your lunch hour just travelling to a restaurant because. All you have to do is request for a food delivery service and the food comes to you, not the other way around.

Looking for the perfect place to eat can sometimes be a bit stressful. Another added concern aside from deciding where to eat is to find a place that serves halal certified dishes. Not all restaurants cater to Muslims and there are those who are halal certified but their food are not palate qualified.  The quest for a good halal food delivery service can be a struggle, but worry no more because here are a few tips that you can definitely use when finding the right halal food delivery for you.

Food Delivery Service
Food Delivery Service

Make Sure The Foods Are Halal Certified

Obviously, this is the most important tip among the others. You can forget all the other tips but not this one. You have to make sure that the restaurant serves halal dishes and uses ingredients and utensils from preparation to cooking and serving are all halal certified.

One way to find out if a restaurant is halal certified is to look at their website online. Most restaurants announce or include this in their advertisements and sites. Also, if you are already familiar with the place and you definitely know that they serve halal dishes when you eat in, then they are credible and do serve halal certified meals for their food delivery services.

You Can Access Their Menu Online

Nothing is more time consuming and frustrating than when a famous restaurant does not have an online menu. Given that most people today already have access to the internet, it should also be expected that business establishments such as restaurants have their information online.

Online menus are very important to be able to choose what you really want to eat. Also, ingredients are also posted at times, therefore you can already determine yourself if the food is halal certified or not.

They Assure Customers Of Quality Service Especially In Food Delivery

Most restaurants make promises or claims when doing a food delivery to a certain customer. These include a time limit when your food should arrive at your given address. For example, a promise of only 30 minutes for food delivery or else your food will be free. These promises guarantee to customers that the food delivery service of that restaurant assures customers of a good service.

Hong Kong Restaurant
Hong Kong Restaurant

They Are Flexible To Reasonable Customer Requests

The Muslim diet can have a few restrictions and limitations. There are also personal preferences when it comes to one’s food. The restaurant should be flexible to grant reasonable requests from the customers and ensure that these requests are granted for the satisfaction of their customers.

Their Customer Service Is Excellent

The method in placing an order should also be easy when requesting for food delivery. Customers should already be able to place their orders online or via telephone call. The staff should be warm and accommodating and should be able to understand well what customers really want.

When using the internet, it should be effortless and a trouble-free method. They should be able to accommodate the customers’ needs and requests with regards to the food being ordered.

You can ask the restaurant assistant when you are ordering through the telephone if he or she could repeat your orders and your special requests. You can also personally ask if dishes are halal certified.

Also, you can check reviews online about Hong Kong restaurants to at least have an idea what kind of food they have and how they treat their customers. Positive feedbacks should significantly be higher than those of the negative ones.