Are you Hoping for Stunning Vacation Photos? Use Your Pixel


You feel like you’ve been waiting forever for this vacation to start. Now it’s finally time to pack your bags, collect your tickets and prepare for your upcoming flight. The only thing that has you stumped is what tool you should bring to take stunning pictures.

You could bring an expensive DSLR camera. While it’s a professional-grade camera, it could be more of a hassle while you’re traveling. You’ll have to lug the bag around to busy tourist sites. You’ll have to worry about it getting lost — or worse, stolen. You’ll have to fret about it getting mishandled by airport security.

If you want to take amazing photos of your long-awaited vacation, you can simply use your Google Pixel 3. The critics at Tom’s Guide have called the 3XL the camera king because of its crisp and beautiful photos along with its long list of impressive features. Why pack another camera when you have an exceptional one sitting in your back pocket?

To make the most out of your Pixel 3’s camera during your trip, read these quick tips:

Take A Lot of Photos

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Instead of planning out the perfect picture, follow the Nike motto and “just do it.” Snap as many pictures that you can in the moment, and then trim down your list to the best shots when you have free time. It could be a great way to whittle away the hours on your long flight back home.

The Google Pixel 3 guarantees that you won’t fill up your camera with too many shots, forcing you to delete old pictures to make enough room. All of your images and videos will automatically be uploaded to the cloud.

Use Night Sight

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Usually, you’d want a professional-grade camera in your bag because the average smartphone won’t deliver crisp photos after the sun goes down. The snaps tend to look dark, grainy or blurred. But, your Pixel comes with a feature that makes up for this common smartphone problem: Night Sight mode.

Night Sight will make sure your pictures aren’t grainy or blurry. The feature can pick out incredible bits of light and rich color, so the results are bright, clear and just as beautiful as shots during the day.

Reviewers at The Verge even commended Night Sight for being incredibly effective with moving subjects, in addition to ones that are standing completely still. The feature was tested in a packed concert where it managed to take clear pictures of a space with fog machines, flashing lights and a jumping crowd. Test it out at bustling night markets, packed dance clubs and concerts.

Bring the Right Accessories

First things first, you’re going to want to protect your Pixel during your trip. You don’t want it to slip through your fingers and end up with a spiderwebbed screen or a scuffed up back. That’s why you should get an effective screen protector and a vinyl skin to guard it against permanent damages.

You can click here to see which Pixel skin to buy before you go on your vacation — this is where you’ll find a variety of patterns and colors to suit your personal style. Pick from designs like black camo, red carbon fiber, bamboo, white leather and more. You can always swap the skin for a new one, in case you change your mind.

One of the best accessories you should bring when traveling with your smartphone is a portable battery pack to give your phone the extra juice it needs to get through the day. Sometimes, you won’t be around any outlets to charge your phone. Putting the device in battery-saving mode and closing all of your other apps will only do so much.

Get yourself a powerful portable charger to slip into your jacket pocket or travel bag. According to Android Central, some of the best external battery packs include the Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD, the Ventev PowerCell 6010+ or the RAVPower 26,800mAh external battery. When you’re doing a trek through the jungle or hiking up through a mountainside, you’ll be thankful you don’t have to miss out on taking photos because of an ailing battery.

Finally, if you have short arms, you don’t have to settle for taking awkward selfies. Get a selfie stick to give you a fantastic and flattering picture — no more strangely angled shots of your chin. The Droid Guy states that the best selfie sticks for Pixel 3 are from Selfie World, JSAUX, LifeStyle Designs, Spigen and yoozon.

It’s important to remember that selfie sticks are not allowed in every location. Some tourist spots have banned them from blocking views and ruining other people’s photographs. Read your guidebooks and check for warning signs before you start snapping pics with yours.

Your Pixel 3 will be the ultimate travel item that you can pack in your carry-on bag. It can book your accommodations, find exciting restaurants, translate different languages, track your banking, remind you of your schedule and direct you when you’re lost. And, as you can see, it can be your ideal camera all day and night.