Yacht Charter in Greece – A Four Seasons View


Are you thinking of chartering a yacht in Greece? If you have chosen the time of the year you would want to visit, then it is important to consider your options carefully. Different seasons come with its ups and downs for sailors. You have to understand the difference in the weather conditions to assist you in picking a perfect time for your Flotilla or yacht charter holiday. Below is an explanation that would guide you on the difference in seasons.


Spring Sailing in Greece

Spring is always an amazing time of the year for yacht charter in Greece. This period usually springs fort in the month of March revealing, beautiful and fine weather and also showcasing a stunning display of cultivated and wild flowers. Over the years, the weather can be a little unpredictable at the early period of spring, but the temperatures are always warm and calm by the month of May.

Harbors and ports are usually pleasant and quiet, and with the absence of people striving for berths at the end of the day. At this time of the year is the winds seem gentle unlike it usually is at the later part of the year and this is a preferred time to visit the Cyclades before the meltemi starts to blow. One can always experience the warm hospitality of the Greek people which is even better at this period as shop owners and Taverna welcome people touring at this time into their newly painted premises.

At this period charter yacht are usually in their best conditions after winter maintenance have been done and before large number of clients have had their own fair share of the experience. The costs of yacht charter are cheaper at this time of the year which makes it a great period to get cheap bargains. During this period, the sea will still have its calmness and only those who are quite tough would want to swim before late spring.

Summer Sailing in Greece

For those who love the sun, this is a perfect time! This period comes to light during the months of June to august when the temperature gradually increases. You can almost be sure of witnessing the sunshine on daily basis. At this time of the year, the skies are blue, the sea is warm and there is little or no rain. People who prefer lively places would always have a lot to choose from during the peak summer months.

For the many north Europeans leaving the cold climate to get a better adventure, summer sunshine is what yacht charter in Greece is all about. The amazing feeling you get anchoring for lunch in a bay and swimming from your yacht is exceptional.

However, the heat also has its own challenges. Temperatures at this time of the year can get as high as 40°C (104°F) which could make a yacht sticky and hot during the night. There are not many charter yachts in Greece with air conditioner and the air conditioners would only work when the yacht is connected to a source of power which also has to be on shore. For this reason many prefer to sleep on deck.

By July and august, the crowd are already beginning to troop among the harbors that are more popular is not always that easy. You must have to cut short your sailing and head in early. As far as sailing in Greece is concerned, it is quite difficult to get a place to moor in a crowded harbor considering the gentility of the Greece atmosphere.

During summer period, the popular meltemi wind blows down through the Aegean. This strong northern wind is capable of causing difficult sailing and rough seas in the Cyclades.

It is normal for a yacht to be faced with storm in the Cyclades for some days during the summer. The meltemi offers an exciting sailing for well experienced sailors but can be really difficult for the inexperienced ones. In a situation where strong meltemi winds are being forecast, charter companies are likely to proffer their advice.

There are regions in Greece where storms do not necessarily affect sailing. These areas also are not strongly affected by the Meltemi. Areas like the Saronic, Sporades, Dodecanes or the Ionian.

Autumn Sailing in Greece

For me, this feels like the best time of the year. The sea is characterized by pleasurable warmth during the early period of autumn and is likely to remain so till the latter part of October. People who do not like excessive heat will be sure to find the autumn temperature very pleasurable for its comfort both during the day and at night.

During this period, there is always the absence of the difficult sails as well as the crowd that must have been present during the summer. At this time, good bargains can be made with both shops and yacht charters. Considering that ports will not be as busy as it might usually be, this presents you with freedom and you can choose to come in late at the end of the day. That means more sailing time!

September can share the same warmth as august, but it comes with a pleasant touch of light rain. The major rainy season starts off around the mid part of October bringing forth a cool wet weather condition which had been absent during the summer. There is always more rainfall in the Ionian than the than the more eastern and southern regions.

During this period, the meltemi starts to subside but the storms of the autumn might still be witnessed although they do not usually tarry for more than one day. In the absence of meltemi, a yacht charter holiday can be planned in the Cyclades without much risk. There are some who find the islands a little isolated after the summer season, while some find the dazzling white houses and the brown rocks very attractive. During these periods, the more northern sailing regions are greener all through the year.

Winter Sailing in Greece

Chartering a yacht in Greece is possible at every time of the year, although during winter there are companies who would not have boat available for charter. Companies who sail at this period are sometimes pleased by the weather they discover.

Lasting sunshine should not in any way be expected and you should endeavor to come along with very good clothing for the cold weather. The yacht charter company also makes provision for warm bedding on board.

There are lots of rainfalls between the months of nonmember to February, although there are many sunny days in winter. After a heavy downpour at night, a brilliant sunshine is most likely to appear next the following day. More storms are likely to be experienced during the winter than in summer, which makes sailing areas with that has lots of sheltered ports more preferable.

Majority of the islands are mostly in full operation during some seasons which is why one is likely to find many hotels, shops, and tavernas closed in certain ports. Water and electric facilities can be difficult to find during this period. The bars and restaurants that are always open all through the year are likely to offer visitors with special prices and treatment.

Sailing a charter yacht in Greece is always a holiday many would never want to forget. Choosing a more favorable season can give a feeling of pleasurable delight!