Sailing through the Northern Sporades Islands



Sailing through the Northern Sporades offers a dream holiday in an area that’s simply put – superb. This group of islands has a lot to boast about with each of the islands being brilliant sailing destinations and the same can be said of the lesser visited Lesbos, Limnos and Chios islands which are the closest to the Turkish coast. There are some brilliant deals to be had whether you are a seasoned sailor or a novice who would prefer a skippered yacht charter in Greece, you’ll find a package that will not only suit a budget, but your sailing experience too.

Having a skipper taking care of you during a sailing holiday makes life a lot easier all round. It allows you to lie back and enjoy your vacation without the worry of having to familiarise yourself with charts for every island destination you choose to visit. The winds can be a little unpredictable during the summer months which a skipper would be all too familiar with which is another bonus. Skippers know where to find unspoilt anchorages and the best sights to visit as well as which dive zones offer the most exhilarating underwater experiences on each of the islands. A skipper can offer the best advice on which route to take when planning your sailing itinerary which is a huge bonus in itself.

The island of Skiathos is a great departure point for a sailing trip through the Northern Sporades. Exploring the coastline helps you settle in to life on the water with the added bonus being Skiathos boasts some of the most glorious beaches in the region. There’s well over 65 of them, most of which can only be reached by boat. Vromolimnos Beach on the southern coast is superb, offering brilliant swimming in crystal clear waters which makes dropping anchor very worthwhile. Other superb beaches include the following:

  • Koukournaries Beach where there’s a lovely lagoon
  • Krassa – Banana Beach
  • Ag Elenis
  • Mandraki
  • Lalaria – a charming a pebble beach

Sailing around the island is a pleasure, but with so many other gem islands to explore, you’ll soon up anchor and set off to your next destination which could be the island of Skopelos, a lush paradise that offers very sheltered anchorages on its south east coast. The island remains very unspoilt by tourism making it a charming place to spend a little time both ashore and exploring its coastline. Harbours and beaches can be found on the south west coast. The northwest coastline is rugged with cliffs that plunge down to the sea which makes for great sailing but not so good for dropping anchor.

The next must visit destination on a sailing trip in the Sporades is Alonnisos and its neighbouring islets. The area is a designated marine park and the waters are the cleanest in the whole of the Aegean Sea which makes diving and swimming a real pleasure. The majority of the beaches are found on the island’s east coast which means they are protected from the stronger Meltemi breezes that blow during the summer months. The islets of which there are eight are all uninhabited and well worth exploring under sail. Around Piperi monk seals can be seen cavorting in the waters and on land although nobody is allowed to step foot on the island. With this said, the beaches at Kyra Panagia are delightful with their two abandoned monasteries. Other islets worth sailing around include Skantzoura, Pappous, Gioura, Adephi and Psathouropoud.

Choosing to go on a sailing holiday allows more freedom to go where you please when you want to. You can stay in one place for as long as you like without a worry in the world. Yacht charter in Greece offers the chance to enjoy sailing around some of the most beautiful islands in the Med enjoying life at different pace that helps recharge tired batteries ready to face the real world once again.