The Coolest Workout Gadgets To Take Travelling


Many of us travel a lot on a regular basis. Whether it’s our line of work that has travelling to different cities on a regular basis or you happen to be fortunate enough that you get to travel a lot for enjoyment, we can all agree that working out while travelling can be very hard.

Thankfully, there are new smart gadgets that make it easier than ever to workout while travelling!

Wireless Headphones

The advance of wireless, Bluetooth headphones has made working out with audio a lot more pleasurable than it used to be. Losing the wires was a huge step in improving physical mobility and comfort while working out. Who remembers ever trying to run with a portable CD player?

With wireless headphones like the Senso Bluetooth Headphones (available online for only $20) you can get form fitting, secure headphones that you can even run with!

Not only can you stay pumped up with your favorite workout tunes, you can listen to audio books or instructional work out podcasts to help keep you motivated while on the road.

Slendertone Connect Abs

The Slendertone Connect Abs can help you target your abs like never before. Make use of EMS technology and a smartphone enabled app to focus on high powered workouts designed to target specific elements of your abs.

You may not look like Jennifer Lopez right away, but this is a very impressive piece of technology that helps you make use of floor exercises, yoga routines or room based physical exercises (planks, sit ups etc).

Smart Watch

Digital smart watches are certainly cool, but more importantly, they’re extremely useful to help us stay active. Whether you prefer a Fitbit, Apple Watch or any number of more affordable options available, smart watches do much more than just track your steps.

Monitoring your movement and physical activity can be a very important reminder to stay active while travelling. It’s easy to let a couple days of relaxing turn into several days of inactivity. Wearing a device that monitors your activity and even reminds you to get up and move around can be a huge help in proving you with motivation to stay active.

Bluetooth Scales

RENPHO has been specializing in Bluetooth scales for years and even make lighter and smaller options that are portable. They not only provide weight, body fat percentage, muscle mass percentage and lots of other metrics, but the integrated free app tracks all of your metrics over time.

By monitoring your health on a regular basis, you can help hold yourself accountable and remind yourself to stay active!

Another great idea is to develop a personalized workout routine with your trainer. This way, you can get some exercises that you know you are able to do, enjoy and will want to actively do, even while on vacation.

Just because you travel a lot doesn’t mean you can’t stay active and healthy! These awesome gadgets can help you stay on top of your workout goals and lead an active and healthy lifestyle, no matter where on you are.