Top 10 Travel Destinations for Vegetarians and Vegans


Half the fun of travelling is eating traditional meals and trying new foods. Being a vegetarian or vegan shouldn’t limit that great aspect of visiting a new place. Here are some countries to visit if you live a plant-based lifestyle and still want to try the best foods your destination has to offer.


Indian cuisine is full of flavourful dishes filled with vegetable and legumes with rice and chapatti. Because cows are considered holy to most people in the country, it is harder to find beef on the menu than it is to find vegetarian foods.

United States

You may have realized the plant-based movement that has swept across the U.S., meaning there are countless restaurants cropping up serving vegan-friendly menus. Some of the most veg-friendly places are Portland, Oregon with everything from vegan restaurants to food trucks, and San Francisco, a progressive and diverse place where it isn’t surprising plant-based eating really took off.


That’s right, the land of bratwurst and Wienerschnitzel is one of the leading vegan countries in the world. From 2017-2018, they accounted for 15% of the world’s vegan-food product introductions. Berlin especially is home to many vegan and vegetarian restaurants for you to try!


Vietnam is home to many traditionally vegetarian dishes. In Ho Chi Minh City, you’ll find most restaurants serving up hot pots, noodles and rice dishes made with fresh vegetables, legumes and tofu.


This northern land of forests and lakes is also home to some of the best vegan and vegetarian food in the world. If you’re visiting Toronto, make sure to stop by the Parkdale neighbourhood to check out an area called “Vegandale” for its many vegan-friendly restaurants and food shops.


In case you haven’t heard, Israel is the leading vegan country in the world. Locals have even named Tel Aviv the “vegan capital of the world.” You certainly won’t go hungry in this city with over 400 vegan/vegan-friendly restaurants. Many traditional foods in are also already vegan or vegetarian, such as hummus, shakshuka and falafel.


Edinburgh and Glasgow are listed as the second and third most vegan-friendly cities in the U.K. by vegan restaurants available per capita. You should have no trouble finding some good eats here and saying hello to some friendly highland cows along the way.


A large portion of the country follows the Ethiopian Orthodox Church dietary rules, which states there is no eating of animal products during lent or on Wednesdays and Fridays, you will have no trouble finding many delicious vegan options around.


It is harder to find restaurants that don’t serve vegetarian meals here than those that do. Over 300-restaurants in the city are vegetarian-friendly, and many places will accommodate vegetarian versions of traditional meals.


Rastafarians follow a vegetarian diet, so although they make up a small portion of the population, there are still a large number of vegetarian restaurants for you to enjoy. Vegetables, legumes and stews on rice are a common feature of Jamaican cuisine, so finding food to eat will be a cinch!