Incredible Restaraunts in Barcelona you Need to Try


As a seaside city with some of the world’s top chefs, Michelin star restaurants, and a flair for the extravagant and bizarre, it is no surprise that Barcelona has one of the most interesting food scenes in the world. Head to beachside joints for bowls overflowing with fresh seafood, or try an experimental restaurant with food fusions and playfulness you have never seen before. Here are some of our favourite restaurants for you to try.


In 2017, Tickets was ranked number 25 in the World’s Best 50 Restaurants list. They are an eclectic tapas bar that takes the concept of deconstruction to another level: have you ever tried an olive created through a spherification process that turns olive juice back into its solid origins? If that is not your cup of tea, they also have some of the world’s best pastry chefs in-house making delicious foods right before your eyes.

Bar Cañete

This may be a very busy late lunch/dinner joint, but let that be your indicator that it is worth visiting. Locals wait until late at night to go for their dinner, after the crowds of tourists have satisfied their taste for traditional Spanish tapas. It is counted as one of Barcelona’s best restaurants and sits in the heart of the Raval neighbourhood.


To try this mystifying restaurant you first need to get the entry code. Then, after walking through misty hallways of mirrors, you will arrive at the exclusive fine dining interior. Photographs are not allowed to be published for the public, so we can’t tell you exactly what to expect other than an unforgettable experience and delicious foods by one of Spain’s top chefs.

Marea Alta

If you’re looking for dinner with a view, this is the spot to be. Located at the top of one of Barcelona’s only high-rises, this nautical-themed restaurant offers full-circle views of the city and coast.

Passadis Del Pep

Have an idea of what you want to eat and don’t want to read through dozens of menus before choosing a restaurant? Head to Passadis Del Pep. You tell the waiter what you feel like and they curate a tasting sample just for you. They take into account seasonal produce, your budget, tastes and allergies. Will you ever want to eat anywhere else?

Red Fish

If you prefer to be on the beachfront itself, Red Fish is your spot. With the freshest seafood you can find, this restaurant hits all the marks: view, taste, and service.


A Michelin Star winning restaurant and number 18 on the World’s Best 50 Restaurants list, this restaurant is all about surprising its customers with culinary curiosities. Think gazpacho sandwiches and liquid salads. Your mind will be doing flips along with with your taste buds at the delicious quality of this multi-award-winning restaurant.

Cocina Hermanos Torres

As the name suggests, this restaurant is run by the Michelin Star-winning Torres brothers. A large restaurant set in an industrial warehouse, this fine dining experience offers dishes based off of the Torres’ family recipes.