Touch Screens Ease Holiday Travel Stress


Retail isn’t the only industry that gears up for an incredibly busy season around the holidays; for millions of people, travel is as much part of the holiday experience as shopping. In 2016, over 45 million people in the US flew for travel over the Christmas holidays. Traveling for the holidays is a deeply ingrained part of the holiday tradition – look no further than movies like Home Alone and Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Holiday travel can be stressful for many, and it often leaves people with a lot of animosity for airlines, airports, and other inter-city travel companies.

With so many people traveling over the holidays, passengers are often advised to arrive early and be prepared to face huge crowds. But for several years, travel companies have been adopting new technology to improve the passenger experience, even during busy holiday seasons. One of the biggest changes in travel has been the adoption of touch screen kiosks for travel.

Touch Screen Ticketing Kiosks

Touch screen kiosks were quickly adopted by airports to cut down on the costs of ticketing agents. Airports run on extremely thin margins, and so they rely on touch screen kiosks to cut down on staff and speed lineups. It’s proven to be an effective technology solution to a problem that airports have been struggling with for decades. The heavy use of touch screen kiosks means that the touch screens need to be built to last through thousands of uses. Touch screen kiosk OEMs for transportation and public use source resistive and capacitive touch screens from manufacturers like A D Metro.

Touch Screen Luggage Kiosks

The move to touch screen kiosks in airports, train stations, and bus terminals puts control and convenience in travelers’ hands. The freedom to weigh and tag your own luggage is one that passengers love, saving them time and stress. With every additional lineup at the airport or train station, it adds yet another level of stress to passengers. You can learn more about touchscreen technology used in transportation from a manufacturer who works with systems integrators and OEMs.

In-Flight Touch Screens

Touch screens aren’t just changing the way passengers go through airports, they’re also changing in-flight entertainment. While older planes are saddled with some cumbersome screens with very poor visuals, newer touch screens are more capable of handling the altitude and offering superior displays and functions to passengers. When you’re stuck on a trans-oceanic flight with little to do but watch movies, the quality of the touch screen is no small matter. It can be the difference between customers choosing one airline over another, and airlines like Virgin, Emirates, and even Air Canada get singled out for superior in-flight entertainment systems, from viewing options to touch screens. Touch screens that work at high altitudes are one of the products manufactured by A D Metro, a touch screen manufacturer that works in a variety of industries, including retail, industry, military, and transportation.

Touch screens can make travel all year round less stressful, but it’s never more apparent than when crowds are at their biggest. Touch screens put more control in the passenger’s hands.