Passenger Cruise Reviews – Are the Really Worth Reading?


Passenger cruise reviews are different from expert cruise reviews. They cover the personal experiences of one passenger. You may wonder why it is necessary to read these reviews if they are not professionally done. In fact, it is not necessary, but reading them can give you some ideas of what to expect on a cruise.

Overall Impressions

One thing passenger reviewers are especially good at is conveying an overall impression of the cruise. If they are pleased with their experiences, you will know it before you have even finished reading the review. If they are disappointed or angry, that will be obvious, too. Their reviews are not generally cluttered up with minute details. Rather, they will tell you whether they recommend that you take this cruise, in no uncertain terms.

Since passenger cruise reviews are so outspoken about overall impressions of the cruises, you will do best if you read many of their reviews. When you get the flavor of the reviews that are being written, you will be able to come to a basic idea of how well the cruise ship meets the needs of its passengers.

Diary Style

Some of the best passenger reviews are done in a diary style. These reviews take you from the beginning of their trip to its conclusion. They may even tell you about their transportation to and from the pier if it is included in their package. With reviews like this, you get a first-hand account of how the cruise turned out for them.

The diary style lets them tell you exactly what happened on the cruise. Even though they may have their own impressions of what took place, you will know more about it if you have facts about the circumstances. If a passenger is angry, their description may be colored by their rage, but you can take the facts and determine whether the same situation would cause you undue stress.

If you are a first time cruiser, the diary style will help you to know what to expect on a cruise. The reviewer may tell some of the details that travel agents forget to mention. If the passenger reviewing the cruise had a problem, they may tell you how to avoid it in the future.


While passengers may have strong opinions, they are not bound by any agreement with the cruise lines to tilt their reviews one way or another. They will say what they really think. They are sure to speak their minds because their interests are served by expressing themselves honestly. That is the main reward they get out of reviewing.

Passenger cruise reviews are not as straightforward as many expert reviews. They are often full of emotion. However, they are a source of honest expression that is easy to find and read.