Making a Cruise – Is This Something For you?


There was a time that cruises were only for older people or the wealthy. Those days are gone. I have been on several cruises to the Caribbean and have found them to be entertaining, relaxing and adventurous. I would recommend it for anyone of any age.

I found that I was never bored on the ship – even the days that were spent at sea. There was always a wide variety of activities arranged for the passengers to participate in if they wished to. There were also activities designed for the children on the ship. The evening shows were very professional, well done and enjoyable. The performers were very talented.

There are several advantages of cruising versus driving or flying to different destinations. One is that you only have to unpack your suitcase once! You are not packing and unpacking at every new destination. Another is that the ship is your transportation from port to port while you are sleeping or enjoying the activities aboard the ship. It was also wonderful to have all your meals included. There was a wide variety of cuisine available.

It is also exciting to be able to go ashore at a port and be able to go snorkeling, shopping, biking, spend a day at the beach or go sightseeing. There is always a large variety of excursions to sign up for. It is even pleasurable just to stroll around the ports. If you do not wish to go ashore – you can relax by the pool, partake in an activity on the ship, walk about the ship or just read a good book.

Taking a cruise allows you to make your vacation what ever you want it to be. It can be relaxing, adventurous, entertaining, or just a nice get away with friends and/or family. It is a great way to vacation as everything is included in one price -wonderful food, lodging, entertainment and the ability to travel and visit several destinations. You will find that the price of a cruise is very reasonable for all that is included in it. It is a great way to vacation!