Fort Lauderdale Homes: City Information and the Three Options for Waterfront Homes in the City


Many of today’s most affluent property buyers look for waterfront homes on today’s property market. More often than not, they end up finding Fort Lauderdale homes to be fitting for their personal needs. If you are one of the many property buyers whose preferences includes having a waterfront location, you may want to learn more about your available options within the beautiful city of Fort Lauderdale.

City Information

Fort Lauderdale homes are found within a city located in Broward County, Florida. It has an extensive canal system which runs through the city which makes it look similar to the famous city of Venice in Italy – the main reason why it has often been referred to as the Venice of America.

Tourists from all over the world come to visit the city in order to see exactly what it is that makes the city so unique. Of course, many of these tourists end up wanting to buy a place of their own, especially when it comes to boating enthusiasts who love the fact that the city is a major yachting capital within the united states which also means that there are many boating events to look forward to each year.

People who are interested in being able to purchase a place of their own will find that there are three main options available when it comes to the available selection of Fort Lauderdale homes within the city. Each one differs with regards to water access and the nearby bridges which may serve as an obstruction to residents who have their own water vessels.

Ocean Access with no Fixed Bridges – homes which offer ocean access without fixed bridges are options which enable you to dock your own water vessel in the comfort of your own backyard without having to worry about any nearby bridges as you travel on out into the ocean.

Ocean Access with Fixed Bridges – homes which offer ocean access with the mention of fixed bridges are options which offer the same access to the ocean except residents will require consideration when it comes to the actual clearance heights of the nearby fixed bridges alongside the depth of canal ways and proximity to inlets.

No Ocean Access – there are also available homes within the city which do provide water access via the canal ways but none to the Atlantic Ocean. Property buyers who own non-motorized boats will find these types of Fort Lauderdale homes quite ideal since these provide enough access to enjoy the city’s distinctive features without the hassle of dealing with any clearance issues that other come with other options within the city.