Need a Rental? Get a Mazda!


When you arrive in a new place and you need to get you around, take it as an opportunity to try out a fun, spunky car. Renting a vehicle can be an insightful and fun opportunity, as you get the automobile equivalent of stepping into another person’s shoes and walking around for a mile.


Let’s take a brief look at two of Mazda’s most popular models, which will exceed the needs of anybody looking to rent a car.


Mazda3: Sophisticated and Peppy


There are tons of Mazda cars to choose from if you need to get around, but the auto manufacturer’s most popular car is a stylish ride that has a lot more going for it than you might guess from just looking. It’s uncommon for a sedan in this price bracket to handle turns and drive with pep that compares with sports cars, but the Mazda3 does!


Its ultra sophisticated i-AWD system supplies the kick in the motor, but it also makes this car very fuel-efficient. The Mazda3 can sense when extra torque is needed, and a boost is supplied right at this precise moment, reducing fuel consumption. If you’re travelling and want to reduce costs while enjoying a thrilling drive, you’ll love the Mazda3.


CX-5 Crossover SUV: Versatile and Modern


Perhaps what you need from a rental is a vehicle with storage capacity, safety and mapping features that help you drive confidently in a new place, and the ability to drive in any conditions — you’ll get it all with the CX-5.


The CX-5, like the 2019 Mazda3, has a suite of advanced safety features using 27 sensors that constantly scan the road to alert you and ready the car whenever you need to take evasive action or ready the breaks to avoid a collision. There are cameras that help you park and alerts to keep you, your passengers and everybody on the road safe.


The infotainment centre has been considerably upgraded, so you can easily and safely connect your Android or Apple smartphone to use the mapping features — handy when driving anywhere, let alone somewhere new. You’re also sure to love the Bose speaker system.


The thing that will impress you the most is simply the way this vehicle drives: the CX-5 fulfills Mazda’s philosophy of “jinba ittai,” a Japanese expression meaning horse and rider as one. Feel connected to the road and the vehicle in a way you might expect from a smaller, sportier coupe, but not from a Crossover SUV. When you’re on a trip and you need a vehicle to get you around, the CX-5 will so exceed your needs that driving it will become a memorable part of your trip in its own right.


Let the stress of the airport and the experience of flying melt away as you drive off down the open road in either Mazda. Renting one of these vehicles and getting the chance to drive them for a while might be enough to drive you to buy one for yourself!