Advanced Tech Galore: A Look inside the New Lincoln Aviator


Lincoln is synonymous with the original era of American car manufacturing defined by grandeur and sumptuous luxury, but the company has evolved with the times. Today, their SUVs still embody the grandness and opulence that cemented Lincoln’s early reputation, but they also include all the advanced modern technology you’d expect from a luxury SUV in 2020.


Let’s take a look at the latest technology featured in the Lincoln Aviator and see what is inside this three-row, seven-passenger beast on wheels.


Lincoln Co-Pilot360


This available package features a suite of sophisticated technology designed to help you drive with confidence that truly goes beyond what’s found in most SUVs or cars. Other manufacturers put cameras and sensors in their vehicles, but the Aviator’s standout for being more advanced.


For example, it has a feature called Speed Sign Recognition: sensors scan the road for speed-limit signs, and then the vehicle can adjust its speed to stay within preset speed tolerances.


Head-Up Display allows the driver to select which information they’d like to see projected digitally right on the windshield, so you don’t need to look away from the road to get vital information. Your speedometer, available Adaptive Cruise Control settings, Lane-Keeping System information and other info can be presented in a way that effortlessly keeps you from being distracted — the digital light can be seen in ambient light settings, even if you’re wearing polarized sunglasses.


Phone as Key


With the Aviator, you no longer need to carry around a fob: now, download the Lincoln Way App and your phone enables you to lock and unlock your car, and allow you to start the engine and drive. Should your phone run out of batteries, you can simply enter a backup code to gain entry and start your vehicle.


Vehicle as Modem


The Aviator itself has Lincoln Connect inside, an embedded modem offering 4G LTE Wi-Fi that lets you and your passengers connect up to 10 different devices. The Wi-Fi connection holds for a range of up to 50 feet from the vehicle, and the Lincoln Way app lets you track how much Wi-Fi you’re using.


Tech New to Lincoln


The Aviator actually represents new standards in technology for Lincoln: it’s the vehicle in which the famous auto manufacturer is pioneering various forms of new technology.


Pixel LED headlamps, the Phone As A Key technology and Speed Sign Recognition described above, Active Park Assist Plus, Reverse Brake Assist, adaptive suspension with road preview are just some of the brand new features in this ultra modern SUV.


Enjoy the sounds of your favourite music with an available 28-speaker Revel Ultima 3D Audio System. This amount of speakers, no less than 28, is also the most ever offered by Lincoln in a vehicle.


This is a dazzling era for technology inside cars, but the Lincoln Aviator is simply overflowing with advanced tech that goes beyond what’s found elsewhere. Today’s innovations are in keeping with Lincoln’s reputation for offering the biggest and most sophisticated vehicles in the world.