Essential Tips for A Budget Traveler


As a frequent traveler I’m well aware of the fact that the biggest fear of frequent travelers is to travel under a strict budget. And no matter how hard you try to stay in the budget you end up spending more than you calculated. So here are my top budget travel tips for you that will help you in spending less and staying under your estimated budget.

Booking Your Flight
When you are planning for a trip always book your flight 30 days before because prices at that time of flights are normal, but as the traveling date comes closer airlines begin to shuffle the prices on different flights. If you want to book a flight for cheap then here is an expert tip from the pros use your free miles to get a ticket for cheaper price.

When it comes to accommodation my suggestion is that you live in apartments, it seems to be an expensive option but trust me it’s not. It is the cheapest of all because you get the kitchen so you can cook your own meals, plus you get a lounge so if traveling with a couple of friends you can party at your own place. On the other hand hotels is also a good option many hotels offer special packages and deals on certain rooms which you will find good and under budget.

Meals And Drinks
According to what I have observed, the most expensive meal is dinner. Lunch is comparatively less expensive in fact, it’s the cheapest meal of the day, as many restaurants want to attract as many customers as possible so they put up deals like spend $15 and get a beer refill free. For dinner you can eat from the food stalls or if you are staying at an apartment then you can cook your own meal. Always try to drink from tap water only in a few countries you shouldn’t drink from the tap, but in many highly developed countries avoid purchasing a water bottle from the store because a single bottle can cost from $5 -$7 and this amount can quickly turn into hundreds of dollars in just a few days.

Free Internet
Trust me don’t use your international roaming you won’t even know where all your money went if you have paid your bill before leaving the country. Instead, if your hotel offers free WIFI then use that or if you are living in a rented place, then purchase a local SIM card and get an internet package activate. Or you can visit a coffee shop order a coffee with a couple of snacks and enjoy the free internet.