Why a Bed and Breakfast Inn is better than a Hotel


Bed & Breakfast Inns are a charming way to explore a certain region or area of the country. Since B&B inns are usually individually owned and operated, seldom are two alike. In Europe and on the East coast of the U. S. you’ll find many B&B inns located in historic buildings, while in other parts of the country they are in the form of a ranch in the middle of nature, or a modern townhome just a short trip to the city. Whatever the setting, B&B inns are popular for their hospitable owners and services, and of course their hearty breakfasts. Here are the pros of staying in a B&B versus a hotel or motel during your vacation.

Bed & Breakfast Inn Pros

o A friendly, available host – By definition, B&B inns have a host or owner who is happy to greet you and make you feel welcome. They are usually willing to offer suggestions for activities, restaurants, and other items. Since the host is usually a local, they can offer more insights than you may find in tourist literature. In other words, you’ll feel like you’re staying at someone’s luxury home, rather than just another guest at a large hotel.

o Distinctive Setting – Your B&B room is likely to be very distinctive, and designed just for you. It is a luxury room created to fit the surroundings, and won’t be identical to other rooms at the inn, unlike large chain hotels or motels where all rooms are identical.

o More Activities – Your B&B likely provides Tvs, private porches, a social room, games, a spa, and other amenities to help you relax and enjoy your stay there. They often supply food during other meals besides breakfast on site as well. If you are out in nature such as in the Northern mountains of Arizona, the Arizona bed and breakfast will provide outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, skiing, and horseback riding. Each B&B inn provides activities unique to the area.

Overall, a bed and breakfast inn has a homey feel to it, and offers a customized vacation for you and your fellow travelers. Through the help of a friendly host, you can acquaint yourself with the local area and have a personalized, relaxing vacation. For your next vacation find a bed and breakfast within your budget, and enjoy the amenities not offered in other lodging facilities. It can be your home away from home!