Make your journey of Malaysia through bus

Going to the vacation is the tremendous way to get relieve from all your mental and physical routine works from your office. Yes, vacation gives the exciting way to get entertained and relaxes your mind. As the way, if you have decided to make your tour and looking for the perfect destination, then Malaysia can be the admirable attraction for you. In fact, Malaysia is an acute country that is famous for its multi ethnic and multi artistic aspects that helps in boosting tourism.


Kuala Lumpur – Charming city to visit

When talking about Malaysia, it is so incomplete when Kuala Lumpur city is neglected.  Of course, it is the capital city of Malaysia and it has excellent sceneries. In other words, this city is also known as the merge of traditional culture with the modern city. As the same manner, the Penang is also one of the cities which are situated in Malaysia. Most of the people have engaged in transporting to this Penang from KL. For this purpose, people have highly used the bus from KL to Penang. Let’s see the tips for making your travel in the hassle free way.

If you have decided to go for the vacation to Malaysia and looking for roaming or visiting the different cities across the cities, then the bus travel can be the excellent option for you. Of course, there are nearly 100 bus operators who are available for offering the regular bus services in Malaysia.

Most of the bus services are operated and maintained by the state run bus company international that covers wide bus route services in Malaysia. Apart from these services, there are some kinds of the renowned agencies that are available for offering the large fleet of the buses operating on this route in Malaysia. As the way, you can see some of the most renowned bus group that is offering the bus from KL to Penang is as below.

  • Era Mesra
  • Transnational
  • Kulim First travel and tours
  • Super nice
  • Sri Maju Group
  • Antar holiday

These are the bus operators who are offering the services for this KL to Penang route for the travelers.

Things you know about Penang

Next to the Kuala Lumpur city, Penang is another city to make your move easily in Malaysia.  Yes, this city is having plenty of the outstanding places and it holds the modernity although preserving its traditions and antique world of magnetism. Added with these things, the city is having the pleasing sounding multiracial general public and well-preserved heritage with the excellent buildings.

Moreover, Penang city is also having some exceptional attractions where you can visit and enjoy the experience. As the way, some of the excellent places that are located in Penang are explained as follows.

  • Penang Hill – This hill is also known as Flagstaff hill which is situated 821 meters above the sea level, where you can enjoy the breathtaking view of this beautiful city with cooling atmosphere.
  • Kek Lok Si Temple – The largest Buddhist temple is situated at top of the hill and it was founded more than a hundred years ago. This attractive temple is filled with the excellent beauty and landscaped gardens to give relaxation to the devotees.
  • Adventure Zone Theme park – This Park is available in the Penang that is wide spread for 10300sqft and it is the excellent destination for the kids and adults to get the amusing experience with the exuberating things.
  • Made in Penang Interactive museum – This museum is really attractive among all other outdated museums to give shake off from the boring concepts and ideas. Because of it is providing more fun to the visitors, they like to enjoy it.

So, if you want to travel to this place, you are definitely being offered with the bus from KL to Penang. Of course, there is a facility for booking these services are also available through the internet. Therefore, picking this online mode of reserving service from “easybook” can make your travel in the risk free manner. Whenever you are looking forward to make your travel to be so unique and hassle free, then you can choose to go with this online mode.